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Code of Ethics

Charter of values, ethics Holding sustainable economy activists and subsidiaries 1- The group of activists intends to use the economic attitude with transparency in the interests of the stakeholders. * Decision-making based on cost-benefit analysis * Creating wealth for shareholders * Transparency in doing all things 2- We strive diligently and wisely for the agility, quality, health and productivity of the organization for the prosperity of the holding company. Loyalty to the culture, spirit and jihadi management is the main aspect of our organization and surrounds all our work issues, which are: * Hard work and perseverance and speed of action in doing work * Sacrifice and sacrifice to continuously increase efficiency and effectiveness * Sincerity in providing quality products and services and adhering to standards 3- We, the employees of the holding, striving for sustainable economy and subsidiaries, in order to provide a completely healthy and vibrant environment, pay attention to the following human and social values ​​and, by committing to it, help to achieve the best of the holding goals. * Honesty and transparency in speech and action * Adhere to laws and regulations and respect the rights of others * Establish organizational justice * Cooperation and participation in all matters * Organizational citizen behavior (altruism, conscientiousness, respect, generosity and forgiveness, politeness and social etiquette) 4- Manpower is the most valuable asset of our organization, meritocracy, youthfulness and development of human resources is the headline of our actions, which is based on the following principles. * Qualification (considering the methods of attracting talented forces) * Competence (paying attention to competency by employing qualified and competent people) * Competence (attention to merit-based appointments) * Qualification (according to employee performance evaluation) * Competence (attention to the maintenance of talented forces) * Competence (attention to youth and succession and cultivating talented forces) 5. We intelligently identify opportunities and think of creating a dynamic and innovative organization to stay competitive. * Risk-taking and crisis tolerance * Strategic insights * Encourage creative and innovative ideas * Desire for change and flexibility * Sensitivity to environmental changes and taking advantage of emerging opportunities


شرکت تـلاشگران اقتـصاد پایـدار به‌عنوان یک گروه پیشتاز و پویا، متشکل از ۱۱۶ شرکت فعال در حوزه های مختلف می‌باشد

Heavy machine and semi heavy machine
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